7th Annual Juried Photography Show & Sale


"Tail of Two Cats" & Camouflage", Evelyn Faulkner
“Tail of Two Cats” & Camouflage”, Evelyn Faulkner
"Tropical Plant" & "Thai Palace Bannister", Carol Dixon
“Tropical Plant” & “Thai Palace Bannister”, Carol Dixon
"On the Road to Timbuktu" & "Moroccan Shoe Merchant", Sally Harris
“On the Road to Timbuktu” & “Moroccan Shoe Merchant”, Sally Harris
"Descendants of the Incas", Olaf Soot
“Descendants of the Incas”, Olaf Soot
"The Tri-ality of Woman", Paul Anthony & model
“The Tri-ality of Woman”, Paul Anthony & model
"Mill Gut", Dallas Molerin
“Mill Gut”, Dallas Molerin


"Nautilus", Caroline Hagmann
“Nautilus”, Caroline Hagmann
"Perspective is Everything" & "Introducing the Green Rose", Susan Spelman
“Perspective is Everything” & “Introducing the Green Rose”, Susan Spelman
"Daffodils II" & "Lovers Edge", Bob Weinberg
“Daffodils II” & “Lovers Edge”, Bob Weinberg

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