Adventures in the Wild

UConn Stamford Campus Art Gallery Presents…

“Adventures in the Wild” by artist Kathryn Poch

Exhibit runs from June 29 to August 6th.

Tuesday, June 30 Opening Reception from 5 – 8:30 p.m. Enjoy catered refreshments and live music.  Free & Open to the Public.

Artist’s Statement: “My paintings reflect the unpredictability and surprises of nature. Vivid colors, aggressive strokes, deep infinite space culminate in imaginary settings. Influenced by my passion for music, rhythms, contrasts, and spacing embolden my work. After loading the canvas with pigment, I use my fingers, brushes, and squeegees to move the paint, either by wiping it away, or layering color over color. Just as a pianist can create a variety of sounds by touch, I can work the surface with wild determined strokes or tender caresses.”


“Vivid oil colors, accentuated angles, and widely varying strokes made with my hands, brushes and squeegees extend the viewer’s eyes, capturing greater spatial intensity. Fields, rivers and mountain backdrops dramatically play off one another.

Purple River, 36x36, oil on anodized aluminum
Purple River, 36×36, oil on anodized aluminum

In Purple River, water undulates through orange hills and then explodes in the foreground in violet and white. Sunlight, breaking into contrasting yellow and orange prisms, flashes on a serpentine river in River Rhythms.

River Rhythms,36x36, oil on anodized aluminum
River Rhythms,36×36, oil on anodized aluminum

Kathryn Poch is a graduate of the University of Connecticut with a Bachelor of Science in Clothing, Textiles, and Related Arts; A longtime resident of Stamford; 2009 to present, Studying with David Dunlop year-round, including plein air workshops in Vermont, Maine, New York and Italy; 1998-2008 – Studied with Robert Reed of Yale University; Previous Art Studio Experience: Eve Ingalls, Lucy Sallick, and Churchill Davenport of Silvermine Art Center.