Dorothea Osborn’s Mixed Media

 “Dorothea Osborn, Mixed Media”
Works consist of hybrid pieces, using oils, mixed media and sculptural materials
The exhibit will run from March 23rd through April 30th 2015


An excerpt from “Dorothea Osborn: Pantheism in an Age of Plastic”
by Robert R. Shane, Ph.D., a professor of art history at The College of Saint Rose, Albany, NY

From painted circles floating in boundless space, to drawings of plant forms, to her constructed diatoms, Dorothea Osborn’s artwork invites viewers to experience a material world overflowing with spiritual energy.

Throughout many of her paintings, such as Propagation, elegant arabesque lines grow across the picture. Circles, nodes of energy, blossom. Teeming with life, Osborn’s “obsessive dots” pattern these flourishing forms. Osborn fearlessly plays with found objects and collage, both instrumental in locating the spiritual within the material world. The plastic wrap floating across the surface of The View could be discarded trash, and yet, like a Byzantine mosaic, it shimmers with mesmerizing, mystical effect.

Osborn’s impulse to reveal the spiritual in the material finds its apogee in her constructed insects and diatoms. In Argentina Hybrid, Osborn gives feathers and new limbs (made from porcupine quills) to a dead insect. Painted silver, the creature now seems alive and animated on the gallery wall, a hybrid prophet teaching us to see our world with wonder. In a world marred by human violence and environmental degradation, Osborn’s art raises critical consciousness not through didacticism or dogma but by showing the vitality of the beautiful.


Cellular dance 1 psd

Joshuas Mouth, sculpture

Openings, mixed media

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