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Gallery Archive 2015


“INVISIBLE PERSPECTIVE” Exhibit by: Vincent Filardi
February 2 through March 12, 2015

The University of Connecticut Stamford Art Gallery was pleased to announce a Tribute to Native Americans through Art. Almost 30 Native American inspired pieces by Artist Vincent Filardi.  Exhibit ran from February 2 through March 12, 2015. Opening Reception was Saturday, February 7, 1 – 4 p.m.

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“Dorothea Osborn’s Mixed Media” Exhibit by: Dorothea Osborn
March 23 – April 30, 2015

The University of Connecticut Stamford Art Gallery was pleased to announce Dorothea Osborn’s artistic works of hybrid pieces, using oils, mixed media and sculptural materials.

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“Urban Sediments” Exhibit by: Etty Yaniv
May 11 – June 18, 2015

These awesome mixed media creations consist of assorted paper and plastics, where these installation pieces draw upon patterns from natural phenomena and urban architecture.

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“Adventures in the Wild” Exhibit by: Kathryn Poch
June 29 – Aug. 6, 2015

Vivid colors, aggressive strokes, deep infinite space culminate in imaginary settings. Influenced by Ms. Poch’s passion for music, rhythms and contrasts.

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“Looking For More?” Co-exhibit by: Peter Konsterlie & Yves Francois Wilson
Aug. 17 – Sep. 17, 2015

This is co-exhibition by two Bridgeport Artists. Peter’s combines images, black holes and floating trapezoids, to make for an exploded version of space. Diagrams, and nature is a major subject of the series. He uses found objects to create many artistic effects.  Yves is a talented Photographer & Sculptor. His art works center on portraiture both abstract and literal, and the tendency to attach meanings to objects.

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“This Earthly Paradise” Exhibit by: Tanya Chaly & Rebecca Reeve
September 28 – October 29

In “This Earthly Paradise” Tanya Chaly and Rebecca Reeve together examine the effects of human impact on the biosphere, but through quite different lenses. Rebecca Reeve’s lush and verdant installation of photographic works drawn from her recent visits to the Humboldt National Park certainly contrast stylistically with Tanya Chaly’s forensic suites of detailed and individually framed drawings – a “swarm” of insects, a “colony” of bats – a scientifically assembled display of biodiversity.

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“Renaissance in Pastel” Exhibit by: The Connecticut Pastel Society’s
November 9th – December 10th 2015

The Pastel Society brings back bright, intriguing, and beautiful paintings that brings light in the changing season using bright colors that can warm one’s heart. There has been an enormous renewed interest in the use of pastels around the world. With the realization that pastel paintings have a long life, one only needs to see the works of Edgar Degas and Mary Cassatt, from the Impressionist era. Just visit any art museum for proof of the endurance and value of the pastel medium.

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