Gallery Archive 2018

10th Annual Juried Photo Show

UConn Stamford Art Gallery Board was pleased to announce its 9th Annual Juried Fine Art Photography Show in the Art Gallery. Over 100 photographs were on display from over 40 area photographers. The Gallery showcased photographs across 5 categories from amateur and professional photographers. Fine art photos in black & white or color were viewed in the following categories: People and Portraits, Landscapes and City Scenes, Animals, Pictures That Tell a Story, Other Artistic and Creative Expressions.

December 11, 2017 – January 25, 2017

Bruce Horan: Same Day, Different City

In Same Day, Different City, Bruce Horan takes us on a journey through the urban landscape, providing us with a multitude of experiences and reactions that one might encounter while exploring the streets of any given city. Memory, instinct, impression and impulse drive the scenes within Bruce’s artwork. Bruce Horan’s work is created mainly through oil and acrylic paint medium, oil pastel and graphite on canvas, and generated through quick sketch and expressive gesture that combines the abstraction of flat, impulsive swatches of color and loose perspective and dimension. The figure is a recurring theme within Horan’s work that can represent those we encounter or ourselves and that which we perceive.

February 5, 2018 – March 15, 2018

Ancestors of the Passage: Works by Imna Arroyo

Ancestors of the Passage is a multi-media installation resulting from Puerto Rican-American artist Imna Arroyo’s quest to visualize her heritage. The installation is composed of 27 terracotta ceramic figures, each extending their hands out to the audience from a sea of acrylic canvases and silk fabric. According to the artist, these figures represent the African ancestors who died in the Middle Passage, where millions of people were forcibly transported across the Atlantic Ocean to the New World. The figures are surrounded by 47 black and white collagraphs, which depict the multitudes who witnessed the ancestors’ journey. A digital projection, titled Trail of Bones, further advances the narrative journey suggested in Arroyo’s work.
April 2 – May 4, 2018