The Food Show

The Food Show: Original Oil Paintings by Theresa Kasun

May 21 – June 22, 2018

Opening Reception: Thursday, May 24, 2018 from 5:30pm-8:00pm

About the Artist

Theresa K. Kasun is a professionally trained classical artist and is an advanced software user of Adobe’s Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects.  She experiments with 3-D art work, including the fascinating “Cake Light Bright” that is an updated throwback to the 1970s “Light Bright.”  She sees future art in developing composite motion graphics, 3-D light sculpture along with painting contemporary subject matter.

“Capturing the color, shape and essence of human and material beauty fascinates me,” commented Theresa on her artistic motivation.  She has a deep love for her family, which helps her stay focused and motived.  Her eldest son, Edward, graduated with a Master’s of Science Degree from Clark University.  Her next son, Aidan, studies at the University of Connecticut.  Her youngest, daughter Maggie, attends Shelton High School, where she lives with Theresa at their family home in Shelton.

Theresa studied at America’s best art schools.  She received her Bachelors of Fine Arts at the renowned Kansas City Art Institute (KCAI) in 1988.  In 1992 she obtained her Masters of Fine Arts at the highly prestigious New York Academy of Art (NYAA).  Under Wilbur Niewald at KCAI, Theresa became an expert impressionist artist.  In New York, she mastered the Renaissance techniques.  She developed her own, creative artistic style and has had some commercial success with her artwork.

She regularly attended New York’s annual Licensing Show and National Stationery Show.  There she met colleagues that helped market her artwork on a variety of household items, including oven mitts, towels, aprons, glass cutting boards, coasters, floor mats and stationary.  They sold in North American and European stores, including Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, Wal-Mart, Shopko, and Linens & Things.  One of her top selling designs in the first decade of this century was “Ripe from the Vine” that included a variety of wine still life’s.

Theresa also enjoys competitions and special events.  Annually, for the past twenty years, she competed in painting competitions, including En Plein Air competitions and the Westminster Kennel Club Poster Contest.  For the annual NYAA fundraiser, “Deck the Walls,” her donated “donut” paintings were (and are) quickly sold, but only after a gentle tussle between prospective buyers.

Theresa enjoys exhibiting her work.  Last summer she had two gallery exhibitions, “Single Fare 4” and the NYAA annual “Summer Exhibition” at the Flowers Gallery in Chelsea.

These are exciting times for Theresa, who continues to learn and expand her creative presence.  She attributes her inspiration and talent in art to her mom and her maternal grandmother.  In her birth place, Omaha, Nebraska, she admired the professional artwork of her mom, Joy, who painted and sculpted.  Her mom, having been raised in Chicago, frequented the big city.  Joy’s mom, Natalie, also had a talent for art.  Theresa’s annual trips to Chicago included visiting the Midwest’s finest museums, including Chicago’s Art Institute.  Theresa’s aim is to bring her artwork to American homes everywhere, so that people may feel and contemplate the presence of beauty that her artwork forthrightly captures.