Second Annual Juried Photo Show

November 6 – December 29, 2009

Climb Every Mountain
Artist: Betty Wisse

Artist: Vincent Rodriguez


Digitally Enhanced Photography

1st Place: Boats Reflected Artist: Margie Avellino
2nd Place: Lily in Blue Artist: Barbara Curri
HM: Devil by the Beach Artist: Jamie Russo

Landscape and Nature

1st Place:  Smoky Mountain Stream Artist: Barbara Curri
2nd Place: Big Daddy Dune Artist: Betty Wisse
HM: Sand Ripples Artist: Colin Harrison

People and Portraits

1st Place: Old Friends Artist: Phyllis Sinrich
2nd Place: Stand Alone Artist: Neha Malhotra
HM: Modern Monk Artist: John Hill

Pets and Animals

1st place: Climb Every Mountain Artist: Betty Wisse
2nd Place: Peacock Artist: Vincent Rodriguez
HM: Running Lechwe in Botswana Artist: Ron Stamford Lake

Pictures That Tell a Story

1st Place: This is the story of Boniji Artist: R. Stamford Lake
2nd Place: Himba Family Artist: Betty Wisse
HM: Tea for Two  Artist: Cindy Donegan

Celebrating the Year of Science

1st place: Cosmic Transmissions Artist: George Fellner
2nd Place: Primordial Chronicles Hla2 Artist: George Fellner
3rd Place: Between Winter and Spring Artist: R. Stamford Lake
HM: Sere Daffodils Artist: Nancy Zager

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