The Pink House Painters

May 15, 2009 – June 30, 2009

The Pink House Painters: A diverse group of 38 Fairfield County artists

The Pink House Painters, a group of 38 Fairfield County artists, will be exhibiting at the UCONN Stamford Art Gallery May 15 through June 30.  The public is invited to attend an opening reception on Saturday May 16, 3-5pm.

Westport painter, Arlene Skutch, is the driving force behind this close-knit group of artists known as The Pink House Painters.  The name derives from the fact that Arlene’s studio in which they regularly gather, is next to her bright pink Cape Cod style house built in 1876. The painters are diverse in style and medium but they come together to share experiences, critique, encourage and inspire one another.  Most members of the group exhibit their work individually in exhibitions and commercial galleries. The UCONN show is the second formal group show outside the Pink House.  The work includes watercolors, acrylics, oils and multi-media pieces – representational to abstract in style.


The Artists:

Jane DiCarlo Bridgeport
Diane Lederer Bridgeport
Barbara Cronin Fairfield
Diane Desmond Fairfield
Karen Kent Fairfield
Lucia Lynders Fairfield
Jean McGlone Fairfield
Harrison Patronik Fairfield
Dede Traynor Fairfield
Heide Follin Norwalk
George Hanze Norwalk
Andy Kimmel Norwalk
Carole Tuckman Norwalk
Elizabeth Linehan Stamford
Peggy Henkel Stratford
Doris Brenner Westport
Anne Carter Westport
Julie Fatherley Westport
Kristin Fox Westport
Dan France Westport
Linda Francis Westport
Gloria Goodenough Westport
Jill Gordon Westport
Alison Gray Westport
Ulla Hehenberger Westport
Susan Kaemmerlen Westport
Jennifer Kanter Westport
Wendy MacCordy Westport
Emily MacLachlan Westport
Phyllis Markoff Westport
Dale Najarian Westport
Dale Najarian Westport
Kim Porio Westport
Kim Porio Westport
Carol Porter Westport
Arlene Skutch Westport
Jo Titsworth Westport
Cynthia Wallace Westport
Philip Weiner Westport
Katya Lebrija Wilton

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