The Figure: A Group Show

Exhibit by: Joseph Moniz, Valery Thurber, Nicholas Malinowski, Rachel Constantine and Shane Savage-Rumbaugh

June 24, 2011 – July 25, 2011


The paintings of five artists who trained and worked in New England comprise the show. The assembled figural works provide a rare encounter with the beauty, tranquility, and vulnerability of the human figure within fleeting moments and in the midst of arrested movement. A range of styles blend harmoniously to capture the depths of human feeling, explore human relations and solitude, and examine nuances of time, space, and color.

The paintings of Joe Moniz, the show’s organizer, derive from his responses to fleeting moments in life. “In the same tradition as Vermeer, Hopper and Hammershøi, I strive to capture the beauty in the everyday. My subject is the figure. My interest lies in celebrating its majesty through pageantry of rich color and vibrant light.”

Valery Thurber paints figural works that instill an understanding of form, expression, and emotion. “When I paint a figure I feel a rush to capture the essence of a fleeting moment. I work on painting and drawings inspired by direct observation; conceptual themes include intimate space and solitude. Through a fluid creative process, I push inventive renderings and walk the line between figuration and abstraction.”

Nicholas Malinowski is a painter, printmaker and illustrator/writer. Born and raised in a small coastal community in Maine, Malinowski finds the sea to be a recurring influence in his work, which explores the unconscious, unseen, yet deeply felt bonds that humans have with nature. His paintings explore this subtle relationship that the human figure has with the natural environment. “I see my self as a visual storyteller who uses oil painting as a medium to explore multifaceted narratives that explore psychological, spiritual and mythological based content.”

Rachel Constantine paints in the Realist tradition, infused with elements of Impressionism. Seeking qualities of repose, balance and visual harmony in her compositions, her diverse subject matter is unified by a commitment to depicting what is true as determined by the fall of light.

Shane Savage-Rumbaugh is an active studio artist. A review of his work at the Grimshaw Gudewicz Gallery concluded that Savage-Rumbaugh asks “questions about the essential complexities of emotion and psychology, the inescapable laws of nature and the importance of paying attention to the world around them.” The artist states that, “painting has helped me become more active, involved and alive.”

JuneJuly2011_Shane_Savage-Rumbaugh JuneJuly2011_Rachel_Constantine_Michaela JuneJuly2011_Victor_Malinowski_Embrace JuneJuly2011_Valery_Thurber_Before_He_Went JuneJuly2011_Joseph_Moniz_Caress

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