Habitat, Fragmentation and Growth

Exhibit by: Tracy Walter Ferry & Claudia Mengel

March 1, 2011 – March 30, 2011


The exhibit includes approximately 6 vibrantly colored paintings by Mengel and a similar number of sculptures by Ferry. Mengel comments, “My work comes from not looking but experiencing the world around me, and then translating these visual and emotional perceptions, with every creation there is a new discovery, a new problem, a new solution. Every time I approach the blank white space, I take a unique journey always unlike the last and never like the next.” This is what keeps her coming back to the canvas.

Of her work, Ferry remarks, “This series is based on my extensive and past experience as a registered nurse which gave me insight into the human body and all types of microbiology in a completely intimate way.” She explores what would happen if the order within these organisms was disrupted. “In creating these newly found objects I combine materials that are not typically put together. I combined baby bottle nipples with nails and plastic soldiers with screws. I create new beings, then deconstruct them and use the parts for new sculptures. It is work similar to that of a scientist in a lab.”

Claudia Mengel received her degree in printmaking from the Brainerd Art School at the State University of New York at Potsdam and is a member of Silvermine Artist Guild and a member of the Center for Contemporary Printmaking, where she also sits on the board. Her work is in many private collections in the tri-­‐state area and she exhibits at several galleries. Tracy Walter Ferry received an MFA in Art at Hartford Art School. Ferry is the recipient of the Ellen Traut Collection Award, Art Works Gallery Hartford, CT.

March2011_Tracy_Walter_Ferry March2011_Claudia_Mengel

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