Worlds Collide

Exhibit by: Merrill Steiger

January 10, 2011 – February 17, 2011JanFeb2011_Merrill_Stegier_Cosmic_Quilt

The exhibit includes approximately 15 vividly colored images from Steiger’s spiritual series. Steiger comments, “There is a strong visual experience in these paintings – they can be impactful, chaotic and rhythmic. The work is very emotional, but the particular response depends upon the viewer. These works are created from my personal experiences, and for each person there should be no limit to how they are interpreted.”

“Worlds Collide” examines the relationships between past and present, science and religion, and from tiny microbes to the entire universe. Steiger juxtaposes organic, earthly matter with that of mental procreation and myth, giving the viewer the sensation that two polar opposite worlds are in fact, colliding, and co-existing in a spatial consciousness that respects the vastness of infinite possibility. Worlds Collide explores the ever-evolving interconnectedness of the universe and the progression of human consciousness. By encouraging mindfulness and selfless love, the human connection is transformed.

Merrill Steiger is a graduate of Lehman College and the recipient of the Jack T. Stewart Memorial and the Jacob & Gwendolyn Awards from the New York Artist Equity Association. Her works are frequently inspired by travel, as reflected in Origami style collages derived from a visit to Japan and abstract architectural images emanating from a trip to Mexico. Ms. Steiger’s paintings are in the permanent collections of the Jane Vorhees Art Museum, Rutgers University, and a number of corporate and private collectors.

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