The Pink House Painters: “Different Strokes”

May 13, 2013 – July 12, 2013


The Pink House Painters, comprised of 33 Fairfield county painters, is diverse in perspective, style and media but they paint together regularly, providing one another with critiques and camaraderie.

Started in 1970, under the mentorship of Westport painter, Arlene Skutch, The Pink House Painters have met weekly, each painting in his or her own style, inspiring one another and nurturing creativity. The name derives from the fact that Ms. Skutch’s studio, in which they gathered, is next to her bright pink Cape Cod style antique house, built in 1876.  Ms. Skutch passed away in April 2012 but her adherents continue to paint together in the Westport studio of painter, Leona Frank. While most members of the group exhibit their work individually in exhibitions and commercial galleries, Different Strokes provides an opportunity for them to come together in celebration of their diversity and close bond and as a tribute to their mentor.

2013MayJul.Heide_Follin.Ablaze 2013MayJul.Jennifer_Kanter.GLCWHMF 2013MayJul.Jo_Titsworth.Jorge_and_Yogi

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