Two Heads Are Better Than One

August 19, 2013 – October 1, 2013


“Two Heads Are Better Than One” is an exhibition by Elizabeth Nagle and Mary Elizabeth Peterson. The exhibit ranges from the intricately finished large canvases back to the irreverent “sketch” paintings and collages where their ideas are born. It features all manner of hybrid materials such as woven plastic grass seed bags, millinery ribbons and flattened, rusty bottle caps. It includes art works that typically start with one object or idea and then evolve in all directions and sometimes back upon themselves.

The sketch pieces are hung in the gallery where the viewer can watch as the ideas start to take shape. These starter pieces gain one level more of elaboration in the nearly wall-sized works on canvas where the artists go back and forth adding weird tidbits until the upset is complete.

These “not-quite-right” forms are much more exciting than the logical or photo version would be. You will wonder if you are inside or out, flying or falling, right side up or upside down.

The work in this exhibit stands out also from what is trending in galleries, from what their contemporaries are making, from what people expect them to make. It shows Nagle and Peterson pursuing their own interests without the pressures of committing to a particular style, without the demands of making “concept” work.  And while the overall mood of the show is fun, these artists always manage to rein in the insanity and conceptually push things just far enough. There are no extraneous elements in the works, everything is as it should be!

2013AugOct.NaglePeterson.TwoHeadsImage1 2013AugOct.NaglePeterson.TwoHeadsImage2

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