Looking For More?

The UConn Stamford Art Gallery presents…

“Looking for More?”

The Art Works of Co-exhibitors Peter Konsterlie & Yves Francois Wilson

  • Exhibition opens on August 17; ends September 17, 2015
  • Opening Reception on September 3, from 5 – 7:30 p.m. Free and open to the public


Award-winning artist Peter Konsterlie makes any mark to bring forth the possibility of creating a great painting. The paint blurs, smears and turns into movement, flowing and floating in the spatial plane. Hard edge and soft edge dance into a continuum, while positive and negative space marry in the sublime poetics of painting. Konsterlie’s color choice becomes somewhat irrelevant, and more scientific. The images of combines, black holes and floating trapezoids, make for an exploded version of space. Diagrams, and nature is a major subject of the series. Konsterlie uses found objects as tools to create images. ‘Repeated patterns have power’ Konsterlie says, “It’s time to bring them all together; parts are parts, to create a whole.”


Amazon, mixed media, 48x60
Amazon, mixed media, 48×60




Peter lives and works between Connecticut and New York. He has had several solo exhibitions in the United States and abroad, most notably The Aldrich Contemporary Museum, Minneapolis Institute of Art, The Plains Art Museum, Carnegie Mellon, Washington D.C., Sarah Bowen Gallery in Williamsburg, NY, Housatonic Museum, Claire Oliver Gallery, N.Y, and most recently at the Drawing Center Viewing Program in New York City. Konsterlie’s work has been purchased and leased for feature film productions, and television productions such as the Blue Bloods with Tom Selleck, and on the ABC news program 20/20 with John Stossel.

Yves François Wilson, Photographer, Film Maker and Sculptor’ to name a few of his artistic accomplishments. Yves’ photo and sculptural works center on portraiture both abstract and literal, and the tendency to attach meanings to objects. With an emphasis on youth, acceptance, and creating a new visual history he combines technology, found objects, and African American visual traditions to create small dialogues.


wooded palette
wooded palette


Photograph, 36"x48"
Photograph, 36″x48″


His work is a mixture of traditional photography, video, family heirlooms, and graffiti style street art. Weaving throughout all of his work is the visual aesthetics of an artist with a broad cultural knowledge and vocabulary, ranging from the academic to the pedestrian. His pieces are made to engage audiences with a brief exchange of shared experience and create a new history. Bio…Parsons School of Design BFA; New School University BA Art History / Photography, 2005; Royal Melbourne Institute of Design: Design Management 2003; Mayor’s Neighborhood Arts & Heritage Award Recipient; Sundance Director’s Lab; Full Frame Documentary Festival; City Canvas Projection Grant Recipient; International Cinematographers Guild Member; Artspace USA Resident Artist; BPT Creates Co-Owner & Curator; Gelifish Projects Graffiti Collective Cofounder