Nature Transposed

UConn Stamford Art Gallery presents

Nature Transposed
By Marcia Wolfson Ray at UCONN Stamford
April 16th – May 28th, 2014

The UConn Stamford Art Gallery is pleased to announce a forthcoming sculpture exhibition by Marcia Wolfson Ray: “Nature Transposed.” The show will be held from April 16th – May 28th, 2014 in the Art Gallery located in the heart of UConn’s downtown campus.

Marcia Wolfson Ray hails from Baltimore, Maryland. She received her BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art. Her art has always focused on nature and it was this interest in the natural world that led her to use organic materials in her sculptures. The source of her ideas comes from nature. Nature also provides the materials for the pieces themselves. “I collect most of my materials myself. Dog fennel, phragmites, hibiscus, pine bark, groundsel and marsh elder are examples of some of the plants I use to construct the sculptures.” The collecting is done after the growing season is over, mainly in autumn, winter and early spring. The fields and marshes of the eastern shore of Maryland provide much of the material.

 4 Wolfson Ray-Apparition

The geography of these places, the light, temperature and season all contribute to the form and appearance of the work. “Many of the pieces were constructed outdoors. The environment is a silent collaborator. The wind whispers in my ear. The sun, rain, snow all manifests their influences on the pieces. What I hope the viewer takes away from my work is the intense feelings the natural world stirs in me.”

 1 Wolfson Ray-Tempest

The materials are simple, and the surfaces are treated to seal them so that while the works may appear delicate or fragile they have a strength and durability that withstands years of moving from place to place.

Marcia’s work has been included in exhibitions at the Baltimore Museum of Art, the Walters Art Museum, the Chrysler Museum, VA and the Woodmere Art Museum in Philadelphia and the University of Maryland.

5 Wolfson Ray-Metamorphosis


An opening reception will be held on Wednesday April 16th from 4-6 PM.  The reception is free and open to the public.

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