Due to an unforeseen occurrence this exhibit was unfortunately cancelled.


Exhibit: Opening delayed, Closes on April 6, 2017

The UConn Stamford Art Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibit of Peter Ciccariello’s work. Ciccariello is an outlier, whose adoption of 3D modeling, points to a social change in praxis for language artists.

“Poem filled with terror”

“Poem filled with terror”

Statement for upcoming show ‘ Syzygy’:

“Syzygy” is an exhibit about the tension between “things”, especially “things” that are in opposition. This digital collage exhibition is assembled in consideration of how metaphorical visuals attract and repel each other and how they participate in the create of visual dialogues providing meanings that are not intrinsic to the individual object.



In the consideration of syzygial imagery, it immediately became evident that we are talking about the tension and nervousness between objects or “things”, most usually seen in celestial bodies. Looking closer to earth, one finds the same conceptual tension in more mundane everyday objects. The dichotomy between things provides the same nervous attraction and repulsion occurring in deep space.


About the artist Peter Ciccariello’s work has been exhibited all across North America and has participated in countless online exhibitions both nationally and internationally.


Ciccariello’s work is process based with a focus on the reinterpretation of a variety of classical artist approaches and multiple creative disciplines. His creative method draws from Post-modern ideas about fragmentation, serendipity, and truth as a contrived illusion. As a self-described interdisciplinary, cross-genre artist, poet, and photographer, his work is a pastiche of visual elements and sometimes language, imported into 3-D digital environments where the resultant images are choreographed as a theater piece utilizing theatrical lighting, staging and object characterization.


You can find Peter Ciccariello’s art and writing updates at  or on Twitter@ciccariello.

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