Upcoming Exhibitions

UnEarthed  - A Photography Exhibition by Eric Seplowitz

Eric’s artwork takes a closer look at what many people only give a cursory glance and showcases its special beauty through the use of light, focus, scale, perspective, composition, and form. From a marble to a piece of string, from a reflection in a river to a flower petal, Eric explores ways to expose and illuminate the beauty in commonplace items.

In his latest series, UnEarthed, Eric examines the direct connection between what is happening in the larger environment, with what is happening on the smaller or micro level. As the first phase of the Micro-Landscapes: Small on a Large Scale series, UnEarthed features rocks and minerals as Eric’s subjects. Each specimen provides new opportunities for exploration and reveals complex, vibrant, and often surprising landscape like images. These tiny mineral and rock structures are literally the building blocks for everything around us– they play a major part in how we relate with the world in which we live. Easily overlooked, Eric wants us to understand and appreciate the beauty of the details, patterns, and structures of these rocks and minerals, but also to remember that there is frequently more to a larger structure or issue than we realize and cursory examinations don’t often reveal the true nature or root cause of an issue.


Eric uses a high resolution 35mm camera with various macro (close-up) lenses, a copy stand and a precision focusing rail to allow him to reach a depth of detail in a tiny piece of nature. Images can be from a single exposure or a “stack” of up to a few hundred photos, each focused at a slightly different spot, bringing many layers into focus at the same time. The results are greater clarity in an abstract form, invoking the beauty and magnificence of each subject on a grander scale. His light sources vary depending on what is needed, but typical light sources include natural light, studio lighting, flashlights and light boxes.



The Art Gallery at UConn Stamford Campus is hosting UnEarthed  - A Photography Exhibition by Eric Seplowitz.

The exhibit runs from August 28th – October 5th with the opening reception Monday September 9,  from 5:30-8:30pm. ­­