Urban Sediments by Etty Yaniv

Current Exhibit

UConn Stamford Campus Art Gallery Presents…
Artist Etty Yaniv’s “Urban Sediments”
Abstracted Landscapes in the Form of Large-scale Reliefs and a Three Dimensional Floating Installation
Dates: May 11th – June 18th, Opening Reception: Sat, May 23 from 2-4pm

 These awesome mixed media creations consist of assorted paper and plastics, where these installation pieces draw upon patterns from natural phenomena and urban architecture. Her process begins by integrating hundreds of torn paper and cut plastic pieces which accumulate and assemble into intricate and textured layers. Assembling two-dimensional fragments into three-dimensional compositions involves building and excavating, covering and uncovering, marking fresh paper and scavenging material from former installations. The materials include scraps of her drawings, ink marks and fragments of photos depicting urban life from her daily experiences. Like the strata in sedimentary rock, these layers document a distinct moment in time and suggest hidden narratives.

Etty Yaniv at Creative Work

Etty Yaniv was born in Tel Aviv, Israel and currently works on her art and blogs in Brooklyn. She holds BA in Psychology and English Literature from Tel Aviv University, BFA from Parsons School of Design, and MFA from SUNY Purchase. She is integrating mediums such as drawing, photography and painting to form three dimensional immersive environments. Her work has been printed in publications such as The New York Times, Village Voice and The Nation. She has exhibited in galleries, museums and alternative spaces in solo and group shows nationally and internationally.


Sirens (front), Charon's Gold (back)